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Trustmaker is a brand new social proof tool that helps SaaS and E-Commerce clients and businesses boost their conversion rates, cut ad campaign costs, and build credibility around their product   

The current digital marketing landscape is as over-saturated as ever, and making sure your brand and product stand out can be near mission impossible, especially for those trying to emerge from the noise that currently envelopes the SaaS and E-Commerce markets. 

Both organic and paid visits to your landing page often prove to be insufficient for increasing your ROI, resulting in a need for one final nudge in the right direction towards converting your visitors into paying customers.  

This is where social proof tools like The Trustmaker come into play. 

Our user-friendly and affordable tool can assist you in the following growth and revenue-driving efforts:

  • Boosting overall conversions – The Trustmaker can help you create validation and build trust around your product and/or business, which can inevitably result in converting more page visitors into leads, and – ultimately – more leads into paying customers.
  • Boosting the effectiveness of your ad campaigns – Utilizing social proof tools can improve your ad campaign efficiency and help you save big via decreasing acquisition costs.
  • Building credibility within your client base – Customers that know how much you care about their experience and overall satisfaction with your product are the customers who will stay with your business for a long time to come and are likely to recommend your services to other potential customers. 

How Does “The Trustmaker” Work?

Paid ad campaigns can be quite effective for the user acquisition process, but word-of-mouth advertising is the one with a much more substantial shelf-life, credibility, and conversion-driving power. Trustmaker leverages this power and helps businesses show, prove and validate the quality of their product and/or service to their potential clients by displaying data about recently acquired users, thus showing your potential customers that your client base is growing by the day. 

In case you’re still kind of confused about what we’re on about, here are a couple of screenshots to paint you a more vivid picture. 

So, basically, what The Trustmaker does is pulling data from either your Intercom or (your custom data source) about your freshly acquired customers, leads and purchases, and presents this info to a new visitor in a form of a notification. 

There are 3 versions of The Trustmaker notifications: 

  • Cue – shows individual, user-level information. For example: 

David from Paris, France created an account 2 hours ago.  

  • Hot Cue – shows how many users performed an activity within your website over the last 7 or 30 days. For example: 

47 users created an account in the last 7 days. Verified by Cue. 

  • Urgent Cue – is a fully-customizable Cue where you can insert any data, content or action you want. For example: 

24 people are currently viewing this page.  

Hot and Urgent Cues are generally displayed more rarely than regular Cues, while you can choose the number of regular Cues after which a Hot or an Urgent Cue will pop up. 

As for the options in terms of content, design/position and the granularity of data shown in your Cues, you have the following choices: 

Cue settings exmple Screenshot | Four Dots

Friendly Tip: There’s a very useful custom option for both regular Cues and Hot Cues wherein you can override the Intercom (or custom source) data and insert custom info text that suits your overall goal better. 

Urgent Cue, on the other hand, is a Cue variation created with the notion of “fear of missing out” or FOMO in mind, which can additionally enhance social proof signals by creating fully-customizable Cue notifications. 

With the right tactic and combo of Cues, Hot Cues, and Urgent Cues – you can create a potent, conversion-driven social proof strategy that will surely help you widen your client-base more quickly and grow as a brand. This option is typically leveraged by newly-founded organizations that are yet to display their full potential and need some initial traction. 

Urgent Cue example | Four Dots

Client Testimonials

Although Cue is a fairly young project developed by the Four Dots company, the tool has already managed to form quite a tangible user base. We asked some of them to weigh in on why they like using Cue: 

Aaron Weller, owner at 

“My marketing team wasn’t even aware we needed a tool like Cue. So far this simple software allowed us to improve our lead generation by circa 14%, which will definitely be projected onto our conversions. Looking forward to this month’s reports.”

Daniel Smith, SaaS owner:

“As a SaaS developer, I always knew I could somehow leverage all the unused client data that we get through Intercom, but I never had enough time to really crack it. The team behind Cue did it, and they did it the right way. Turning data into insight and leads has always been the holy grail of online marketing. Cue managed to remove the “holy” part out of the equation.”

Ella Huffington, startup owner:

“As our startup company doesn’t have an inhouse advertising team, I have to do most of the heavy lifting myself. This free tool helped me cut my efforts in half. Recommending Cue is a no-brainer.” 

Summing Up 

We recommend Cue to both young businesses with brand-new products/services, but also established companies and brands that already have substantial databases but are looking for new, user-friendly and highly-affordable ways to boost their conversion rates. 

And the Premium account price? This bargain is right on cue.  

Cue pircing | Four Dots

Cue Social Proof Tool Free Trial | Four Dots

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Radomir Basta
CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots and lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute Also an angry driver and huge tattoo fan. In love with growth hacking.

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