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Four Dots Digital Marketing Agency and Art&Code Creative Studio Established a Joint Project Called Infostarters

November 1st, 2019

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Featured image Infostarters & Art&Code | Four Dots

We are proud to announce that our Four Dots Digital Marketing Agency has started a brand new project, Infostarters, in cooperation with Art&Code Creative Studio.

Infostarters is an online platform that offers two types of services to its users – digital content creation and exclusive graphic design solutions – both crucial for a successful marketing strategy. 

As long-time partners, Four Dots Digital Marketing Agency and Art&Code Creative Studio decided that combining their extensive experience and establishing a joint project was the next logical step forward. They created a platform that allows them to deliver great content and innovative design solutions to businesses looking to create a consistent brand image and presence.

Designed to facilitate the process of creating materials for both digital and print promotion, Infostarters offers its users outstanding quality graphic design, as well as content research and creation at an impressive speed, which is what makes this service so unique.

Infographics Infostarters & Art&Code | Four Dots

As Vladan Dobrenov, the CEO of Infostarters said: “Infostarters offers the speed of an online service and custom work of a digital agency. When people need branded promotional material for a marketing campaign that’s just about to be rolled out, or even an ongoing one – they come to us because they know they will receive the products they need faster than ever, without compromising on quality.“

Infostarters online platform offers infographic research and creation, custom illustrations, tailor-made logo and icon designs, product catalogs, brochures, and eBooks. The orders are placed through a simple and time-efficient ordering system.

Depending on clients’ needs, when choosing a service, there is a full package option, that includes both content creation and design, as well as to choose individual content or design services.

Established in August 2019, Infostarters has offices located in Serbia, New York, and Hong Kong, and their services are offered in English and Serbian.

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