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Last week, three Four Dots team members had an opportunity to participate in a two-day training for Google Fundamentals and Search exams at IT Academy in Belgrade. The training was designed to help search engine marketers learn more about online advertising best practices and prepare for Google certification exams.

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Naturally, we also tried to engage in some networking, however, our efforts to optimize our in-room visibility somehow fell on deaf ears. Seeing how we’ve covered all the crucial aspects of a decent exposure increasing strategy, from meta elements (name tags) to improving response times (cups upon cups of coffee) we can only attribute the low stranger to acquaintance conversion rate to everybody being too focused on their own promotional campaigns and/or the snack bar.

More importantly, however, participation in this mini Google Academy provided an insight into contemporary online advertising techniques and different real-life examples of successful AdWords campaigns. By exchanging knowledge and opinions with other participants, our team members gained a valuable experience that will help them run some great campaigns in future. This is why we’re so proud to have been invited to IT Academy and why we felt we should share this story with you!

About the training

Google Academy courses took place at IT Academy, Belgrade on March 23rd and 24th. The short course was taught by Google-certified lecturer Ivan Rečević whose experience with AdWords campaigns represents a great source of inspiration for professionals and beginners alike. Apart from introducing the participants to the theory behind advertising on Google, Rečević also talked about different examples from his professional career, which is certainly a great inspiration for our further work. The ability to share knowledge with him and over 20 other digital marketing professionals makes us confident about our future excellence.

The science of AdWords campaigns

As a highly dynamic field, search engine marketing requires great understanding of a specific company’s target market, but the experience in running search engine campaigns is what enables marketers to identify key opportunities and develop strategies that bring results. Even though there are rules for campaign setting and monitoring, every new campaign is a unique challenge that requires research, testing and creativity in order to be made efficient.

AdWords Certified

This is why we believe that only the proper combination of market intelligence, professional experience and innovative ideas can contribute to creating a campaign that works. AdWords certificates are intended to test one’s knowledge on these and improve their understanding of all the factors that may play an important role in how results can be improved. This is particularly important given the fact that Google keep introducing new forms of advertising and new options for marketers to improve the efficiency of their campaigns.

Therefore, this fresh insight into the world of AdWords is beneficial for the whole Four Dots team and a great recommendation for all our existing and future clients.

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Why we are so happy about this

As a company that already counts a number of certified search advertising professionals, Four Dots are proud to have created an opportunity for more people to expand their knowledge on the current trends in online advertising and search marketing. Coupled with practical experience our team gains in the offices, this training is a great source of innovative solutions for improving search performance and satisfaction of our clients.

Suffice to say, we are looking forward to the next Google Academy that will certainly see some new Four Dots faces!

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Radomir Basta
CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots and lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute Also an angry driver and huge tattoo fan. In love with growth hacking.

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