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With high quality backlinks being the backbone of a well-ranked website, a successful SEO strategy heavily relies on finding great link building opportunities. For SEO agencies and teams that work with numbers of clients, this whole process often translates into spending unnecessarily large amounts of time on Google search.

To help you allocate your time on some more critical processes of building relevant links, Four Dots developed an intelligent link prospecting solution that does the boring part instead of you.

Enter, a full-featured software program that helps you find hundreds of relevant link building prospects, while at a coffee break!


How Dibz helps you find link prospects in less time

Conceptualized by a team of people who have been in the SEO industry for a while now, Dibz is designed to facilitate the most exhaustive part of the entire link building process. Using the APIs of different SEO tools, Dibz helps you search Google in a way that actually works.

Namely, Dibz lets you choose from a set of predefined search queries or enter custom ones to find the most relevant results for a particular link building strategy. From guest posts and local citations to resource pages and editorial sites, Dibz enables you to quickly find myriad of sites that could help you make your backlink portfolio more impressive.

Simply tick the relevant search parameters and enter your keywords to get the results directly from Google. More importantly, all the results are accompanied by the most relevant SEO metrics to enable you to easily select only those that matter most.


While you’re completely free to choose and even set the metrics according to which to categorize results, our built-in functionalities help you distinguish relevant websites from those that could be nothing but a waste of time.

Relevant website metrics help you focus on quality

Google keeps raising standards for high quality backlinks, so your team needs to define precisely what quality means. Historically, page rank has been used as the ultimate reference to a quality site, but even this has long stopped being a metric you should focus on. Instead, there are multiple other relevant indicators of a website’s quality, and Dibz lets you see them all.

  • Spam factors. Dibz identifies websites with spammy keywords, external links or content that does not pass Google’s quality criteria.
  • Domain authority. Taken directly from aherfs, domain authority is shown next to every search result you get.
  • Referring domains and referring pages. As some of the metrics that can tell you a lot about a website’s popularity, referring domains and referring pages can give you a valuable insight into the reputation of specific sites.
  • Social shares. For each opportunity, Dibz counts social shares on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to show you where sharing opportunities
  • Website preview. The preview of the website in the Dibz interface itself lets you instantly asses a particular opportunity.

Once you create the list of the preferred websites, you can easily download it in CSV and upload it to Pitchbox or any other outreach tool you use.

The value of link prospecting with Dibz

Despite the constant changes in Google’s algorithm, a website’s backlink portfolio remained one of the essential factors for great search rankings. A 2015 Search Engine Ranking Survey by Moz confirmed that this is not just an assumption, revealing that domain-level and page-level link features still have the greatest influence as a search engine ranking factor.


Obviously, creating a strategy for generating high quality backlinks is essential for the entire performance of your or your client’s website in search. This means only one thing: you need to find ways to generate high quality links in multiple ways and Dibz gives you the power to do so.

How Dibz fits your SEO strategy

With the clear advantage of building links in an ethical way, the question of the opportunities for doing so remains critical for SEO agencies. Smaller teams can still manually search Google, open each and every website and check its properties with multiple tools, but the larger ones need to shorten this process in order to get better results. Those who work on tight deadlines or with highly demanding clients are likely to instantly recognize the benefits Dibz brings.

After all, if you could choose whether to spend time on manually inspecting hundreds of websites or doing a research on trending topics for your next big article, what would you choose? Dibz offers you a way to instantly check its most relevant properties of an opportunity and assess whether it’s what you were looking for. This way, you let a machine do the machine work for you, while your brain stays focused on the more creative things.

Still in a private beta, Dibz invites early adopters to sign up to get notified about the actual launch. We’re looking forward to releasing this game changer and if you share the enthusiasm, join us!

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Radomir Basta
CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots and lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute Also an angry driver and huge tattoo fan. In love with growth hacking.

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