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Quality client reporting is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. It’s the only thing that can ensure successful communication between all involved parties and shine a light on what has been done so far and what needs to be done in order to improve a client’s business on numerous different levels.

These concise, data-driven documents have the ability to help us accurately evaluate and analyze all past and current business- and marketing-related activities, regardless of how tricky and overwhelming they may be. They are the ones that put everything into the right perspective and fuel bulletproof marketing strategies that turn brands from zeros to heroes, regardless of their size, industry and stature.

As such, quality client reporting demands extra care and attention.

Especially from companies and freelancers which generate a higher volume of reports and work in fields like SEO, content marketing or PPC, where it’s imperative to keep your client constantly in the loop.

If you run an agency like Four Dots, this tends to become a problem. At the end of each week, month or quarter (depending on specific client needs) of every single year, this particular activity takes your top level employees hostage. It keeps your top talent away from what it does best, which is naturally something that cannot be tolerated.

But this doesn’t concern only us. Our research has shown that marketing agencies and freelancers from all over the globe spend 5 or more hours on average, per month, on client reporting per client. They lack the necessary resources and the time needed to guarantee the overall quality and promptness of their reporting.

With that in mind, we decided to work on this issue and develop a tool that optimizes the entire process of quality marketing reporting.


Hello, Reportz!

Created by marketers for marketers, Reportz is an open, fully customizable marketing reporting software that significantly speeds up the process of generating powerful data-driven documents.

Reportz eliminates all the confusion and all mind-numbing manual work that comes with this activity.

By making it possible for the user to instantly access real-time data from multiple points and integrate their favorite marketing sources in a single platform, our utility basically cuts corners at every turn and allows everyone who uses Reportz to complete their monthly reporting per client in 5 minutes, instead of 5 hours.


How does it Work?

Reportz is an extremely user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any prior knowledge to operate. Everyone can find their way around this tool. In order to create your first dashboard, all you have to do is:

  • Add a data source
  • Name your first dashboard
  • Choose a template
  • Adjust the style of your dashboard
  • Click on the “Create a new dashboard now” button.

Easy, right?

From there, you can add, remove or adjust anything you want, in order to make your reports look just as you have imagined them.


What Makes Reportz Special?

Even though it isn’t the first and only automated marketing reporting solution out there, Reportz is definitely unique. This tool was created out of pure need: it was designed to fill the gaps, as other competitive tools lack the features needed.

The main things that separate Reportz from the bunch are:

Custom Digital Marketing KPI Dashboards

Reportz is a platform where users can easily collect, merge, rearrange and display all their favorite data using the custom widget builder option. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Rank Ranger – these are just some of the sources which you can add, track and analyze from your KPI dashboard.

Each dashboard is basically a giant, flexible blank space where you can add literally an unlimited number of widgets. This option makes it possible for everyone who uses Reportz to work on even the most complex of projects from one, centralized location.

Custom Date Ranges for Reporting

As a user of Reportz, you have the option to set predefined and custom date ranges for your reports. You can sort them by days, weeks and months, or you can list them by custom date ranges. For example: March 2016 compared to June 2017, and the first 17 days of March 2016 to the last 5 days of June 2016. This is extremely convenient for those who have specific campaigns and details to compare, in order to test and locate particular options and activities.   

Free Brand and In-Depth Customization for Your Reports

With Reportz, everyone has the luxury to fully customize their reporting to their liking. As a user, you can upload your client’s/company logo, colors and fonts – basically everything that will improve the overall visual experience of your reporting. This is where the whole white label part comes to shine. Users also have the option of transferring their client’s reports to a specific subdomain, where they can easily work on the design and forget about issues like accessibility and the size of their reports.

Custom and Predefined Templates, Automated Regular Client Reporting

Reportz is all about saving time and cutting boring and complex processes down to size. In order to help users focus on what’s important, we have added a wide variety of preset standard marketing reporting templates to Reportz.

Apart from that, our developers have also enriched the whole system with the option to set and save custom KPI dashboard templates, and recycle them for further use. The days of creating the same reports from scratch are now long gone. You can clone your best reporting templates and reuse them on numerous different clients. This option basically comes as a blessing from the skies to every single one of us SEO professionals who do the same thing for different clients.

But that’s not all. Reportz also provides its users with an automated reporting solution, so they no longer have to waste time on reporting for regular clients. Basically, all you have to do is customize your dashboard and tell the tool when and to whom to send a specific report. The software will automatically update the numbers and allow you to keep your clients constantly in the loop, without even investing a single click in the process.

Give Reportz a Go!

Reportz is our third marketing utility, right after Dibz and, and we’re extremely proud of it. All the experience we have gathered in this business so far has been poured into the development of this tool. It was made out of sheer need and with a desire to actually optimize reporting, as we still currently know it. After months and months of continuous testing and tweaking, we have finally finished polishing everything, so when we finally launch it, the tool will be 100% ready to use.

Be sure to take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

So far, we have been receiving only positive feedback from the colleagues who have had the opportunity to test it in its beta phase.

We hope you like it and find it useful!

Thank you for your time and patience,
‘Till next time,
Love, Rad




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Radomir Basta
CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots and lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute Also an angry driver and huge tattoo fan. In love with growth hacking.

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