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Transforming Miss Amara’s SEO Strategy for Success

A Case Study by Four Dots

Client Goals, Objectives and Results

Miss Amara, an e-commerce platform for rugs, faced the challenge of competing with larger brands and established online stores. Their strategic approach focused on organic search to attain sustainable results and compete effectively against more established competitors.

The client enlisted our services to:

  1. Improve rankings for relevant keywords in both mobile and desktop organic search, with a primary focus on the Australian market.
  2. Increase organic website traffic, engagement metrics, and conversion-related key performance indicators (KPIs).
  3. Enhance revenue generation from organic visits.

Monthly Results Improvements

  • Organic revenue increased by 200%
  • 228% increase in organic visits
  • Improved unique page views by 63%
  • Active users increased by 115%


The improvements in ranking for these high-volume, relevant phrases exposed clients to relevant audiences led to a 228% increase in the number of organic visits.


Increase the number of monthly unique page views by 63%.


Applied conversion rate optimization, combined with the increase in visibility, resulted in their monthly organic revenue increasing by 200%


The number of monthly active users increased by 115%.


SEO Strategy Provided

In 19 months of collaboration with Miss Amara, Four Dots provided the following set of audits, services and strategy segments:

1. Competitor and Keyword Research:

  • Analyzed competitors’ content, backlinks, and rankings to formulate a comprehensive strategy.
  • Gained insights to effectively compete in the market.

2. Content Audit and Development, Keyword Mapping, and Inner Linking Structure Optimization:

  • Reorganized internal links to optimize SEO.
  • Created linkable, keyword-rich content for the blog.
  • Mapped keywords to relevant pages and optimized category pages.
  • Ensured a clear purpose for each page on the website.

3. On-site and Technical Optimization:

  • Conducted a thorough website analysis.
  • Identified and prioritized issues for efficient resolution.
  • Improved crawlability for search engines, resulting in increased relevant traffic and improved user experience.
  • Enhanced user behavior and traffic tracking.

4. Landing Page Optimization:

  • Redesigned page layouts to highlight key elements.
  • Implemented effective calls to action.
  • Set up proper Google Analytics for tracking micro and macro conversion goals and other essential metrics and KPIs.

5. Link Building:

  • Initially focused on the homepage and critical category pages with relevant, exact-match anchor text.
  • Expanded link-building efforts to other landing pages as the campaign progressed.

6. Regular Campaign Progress Tracking, Optimization, and Reporting:

  • Maintained open communication channels with the client.
  • Provided live and monthly backlink reports via and weekly progress summaries.
  • Ensured the client remained well-informed about campaign progress.

Summary of Results

In just 19 months, Miss Amara’s digital strategy underwent a remarkable transformation, leading to significant achievements:

  • A substantial increase in organic search traffic.
  • Improved rankings for relevant keywords in both mobile and desktop searches.
  • Enhanced user engagement metrics and conversion-related KPIs.
  • Successful redirection of the advertising budget to maximize ROI.
  • The client now boasts 15,000 active users and continues to experience impressive growth.

Miss Amara’s collaboration with our team not only established their online presence but also positioned them as a formidable competitor in the rug retail industry. This case study demonstrates how strategic planning, meticulous execution, and ongoing optimization can yield substantial and sustainable results in the digital landscape.

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