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Ultimate Digital Marketing Tools List

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Choosing the right tool for the right job is of great importance.

Have you ever tried to eat soup with a fork or dig a hole with an umbrella?

We at Four Dots are willing to bet that you haven’t, because that would be ridiculous. But in case you have – we certainly applaud your effort. You are a rare breed that needs to be celebrated for your outside-of-the-box thinking.

Even though in this day and age there’s a tool for almost everything online, the sad truth is – quality software isn’t really that easy to find. Sadly, you cannot fix everything with duct tape, especially your web presence and position in Google’s SERP, so you need to actually look for real solutions that have the ability to automate the process and resolve some of your everyday troubles.

You’ll need some help, if you want to reach your goals in record time. Especially in marketing.

A lot of small businesses use a vide variety of different tools to aid them in spreading the word about their brand, products and services.

Analytics, content, link prospecting, social media, advertising, publishing, visualization  – there are literally dozens of different tools out there, specifically designed to help you achieve success in every single one of these departments.

The only problem is – you have to figure out which one works best for you and why.

Speaking from our rich experience – most companies face a lot of difficulties in finding the right tools that will actually help them get the job done. How come? Because there are so many of them, and they all vary in quality. It’s easy to drown in this endless sea of options and actually get stressed out by this “software overload”. Tools are supposed to make your life easier, not cause you additional pain and confusion. Regardless of how good a certain tool actually might be – if you misuse it, it won’t help you get things done. In fact, it will make things even worse.

So, having written all that, we at Four Dots have decided to share our list of ultimate digital marketing tools with you. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating a new, steady stream of quality visitors for our clients; as well as optimizing all the necessary components of their web presence in order to ensure their growth on a daily, weekly, and monthly  basis – we use a wide range of different tools to help us reach our goals and get things done for our clients. In the following part of this post, we’re going to list all the major tools our team of experts uses to ensure success and keep our customers happy:


Content Marketing/Social Media/Content Distribution Tools

Content marketing plays an important role in our line of business. It’s one of our most attractive services. In order to make sure that our content is always relevant, unique, and distributed to all the right places – we use a couple of different tools to maximize our ROI in this department:


Google Drive


Social Pilot



Digg Digg

EpicBeat by Epictions

Google’s Keyword Planner


Google Trends



Email Marketing

Even though most expert feel that email is on its way out – a lot of studies and case studies have proven that email is still a channel where all sorts of different businesses can find quality leads and sales opportunities. In one of their studies, the guys at Mailigan revealed that 89% of marketers say that email is still their no.1 channel for lead generation. We at Four Dots offer email marketing as a service. Here are some of the tools we use to ensure success within this field:






Project Management/In-House + Client Communication/Organizational Software

In doesn’t really matter which niche, market, or industry you operate in – constantly staying on top of things is always of great importance for your business. You cannot really afford to have any glitches in your communication. If you fail to properly organize your work and track the progress of every task that needs to be done – sooner or later, you are going to experience a lot of problems. You’re going to lose control over your business and everyone who’s dependent on your work will start to suffer and express their dissatisfaction. In order to always stay on track and accomplish everything that needs to be done in an orderly manner, we at Four Dots use these tools:

Google Drive



Reportz (sorry, still in beta)



Site and Competitor Analysis/Site Optimization

SEO is a collection of various different techniques and tactics used to drive more quality traffic to a certain website through search. As such, it requires you to add more than a few different tools to your arsenal. Here are some of the major ones we use in order to analyze our client’s website and business, follow up on their direct competitor’s efforts, track down great link building opportunities, scrape sites, search for relevant short and long tail keywords, etc.



Majestic SEO



Screaming Frog


Rank Ranger



Google’s Search Console

Google Analytics







Market Samurai




Link Building/Link Prospecting

Link prospecting and building is a painful process that tends to eat up a massive chunk of your time. Even though this you can do this manually, it’s certainly not something that people want to do by themselves. Thankfully, there are a lot of link building and link analysis tools out there that can help you double your efficiency:




Majestic SEO

Monitor Backlinks

URL Profiler


Dibz (*fireworks*)



Google Alerts

That’s it. These are the tools we use to get things done on a daily basis. If you know of some tools we forgot to mention – please, write them down in the comment section below. We would love to review your suggestions and perhaps add them to our list.